DJ D-Lux - Bio

Originally from Philadelphia, North Philly (Erie Ave)..... Since the age of 7, DJ D-Lux has possessed the burning passion to "rock the turntables." While growing up in Philadelphia, DJ D-Lux was introduced to the phenomenal styles of Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, DJ Lightning Rich and others. He also became mesmerized by how his uncle would work the crowd, keeping the people rocking to the beat while spinning the "wheels of steel" at Philly Block Parties. 

Although DJ D-Lux had much respect and admiration for his mentors, he knew deep down in his heart that he didn’t just want to follow in their footsteps. Instead, he set a goal to develop his own smooth and unique style and become one of the most sought after DJs on the planet! With intense determination and dedication, DJ D-Lux would spend countless number of hours practicing and developing his creative style. To cultivate and master his skills more proficiently, he would practice on his mother’s straight arm turntable. By the time DJ D-Lux was in his teens, he had won numerous DJ Battling Contest, therefore gaining the well deserved respect as a prolific DJ in the entertainment industry.

Upon graduating from high school, he joined the military. Still with the passion to master the turntables permeating from deep within, he began to make mix tapes to ensure the perfecting of his skills continued. After receiving an Honorable Discharge from the Marine Corps in 2000, DJ D-Lux moved to Washington, DC. His first project was a wedding reception. After unveiling his smooth and unique style making the wedding reception a success, the request for his service has been non-stop! Bringing out "the masses" with his creative style, DJ D-Lux has the ability to motivate, captivate, and invigorate the crowd, thus making him the most sought after DJ in the Tri-state area. DJ D-Lux doesn’t consider himself just a DJ but an artist. 

When spinning the turntables he just doesn’t play songs. He puts out an extraordinary performance, commanding crowd participation, and keeping the dance floor filled to capacity from beginning to end. Not only has the proficiency of his skills afforded him the opportunity to perform at numerous top entertainment clubs in the DC Metro area. DJ D- Lux has also had the opportunity to showcase his spectacular skills at various high profile community events including, The Tom Joyner Banker Urban Coalition Gala, Basketball with The Stars sponsored annually by WKYS 93.9, Veterans of Foreign Welfare events and many more special community events. In 2005, Potomac News named DJ D-Lux Virginia’s Top DJ. Determination, Dedication, Innovation and Organization has placed DJ D-Lux in the top ranks with the prolific DJ Artists in the entertainment industry today.