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Welcome to Spin Wax Online!  Home of Spin Wax Radio! 
Spin Wax is dedicated and devoted to the culture of Hip-Hop (Deejays, M.C.’s, Dancers), R&B and Soul (House, Reggae, Jazz, Poetry)!  At Spin Wax, you will get the absolute best in music and entertainment.  We’re different than your normal radio platforms.  We’re focused on bringing you quality music and entertainment!  
We pride ourselves on being different and being right!  
We like to be considered “out of the box – but on target!”  
Why give you something that hundreds of other stations are already duplicating?  
Isn’t it time for a platform to bring you what you want, what you like? 
Then Join the evolution…And become part of the family! 
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Available on IOS and Android